Frequently asked questions

Considering advertising in the Move to Australia Directory? Read through these frequently asked questions.

Who is the Move to Australia Directory for?

The Move to Australia Directory is for brands that help people move to Australia, or help them settle into their new life in Australia. If you strive to deliver excellent customer service, and you’re passionate about helping your clients live their best life, we’d love for you to apply to join the Move to Australia Directory.

Submit an Advertising Inquiry and we will review your website. If we feel we’re the right fit for one another, we will send you the details about how to get started with your Directory listing.

If there isn’t currently a category for your industry category, please let us know and we can create one.

Can you guarantee how many leads I will generate from my Directory listing?

No, we can’t. While the Directory is here to generate leads (while helping people find the services they need to help with their relocation and resettlement), it also does so much more.

A big part of having a listing in the Move to Australia Directory is about being seen in places beyond your own website. When potential clients are considering which services to use and they’re doing their due diligence, they will search for you online to make sure you’re a genuine business. They want to see you mentioned in other reliable places so they know they can trust you.

We see your listing as an important part of your overall PR and marketing strategy. It’s about showcasing your brand so people know, like and trust you. Your listing can generate cold leads from people who may not have heard of you, or it may be the thing that tips a warm lead over the edge to use your services.

When you have a listing in the Move to Australia Directory, it also allows us to share you with our audience when we get questions in our Facebook group or receive emails or DMs asking for service recommendations.

Is the ‘listing’ all I receive for my annual fee?

No, a listing which you can edit as often as you like is the centre of the offer, but there is so much more to it than that.

Directory members are welcome to join our Move to Australia Facebook community of 5.3k members (which is otherwise a business-free space). This is an opportunity to form relationships with the people who need your services and gain valuable insight into the needs and pain points of your potential customers.

We will share your listing across our social channels and in our email newsletter when you sign up, at intervals through the year, and when our readers ask for recommendations. Your listing acts as a virtual business card which we can share at relevant opportunities.

We will take your news items and do what we can to amplify them – be this a new webinar, an event or new offer. We encourage Directory members to keep us up to date with newsworthy content which we can share with our audience on socials, in emails and in the News section of our website.

Being part of the Move to Australia Directory makes you part of our community where we will do what we can to elevate your profile.

Do you limit how many listings appear in each category?

We don’t have a cap on numbers, but we don’t want the Directory categories to be so filled with listings that it’s overwhelming for people who are searching for solutions. We also want Directory members to receive optimum benefits from their listing – we don’t want your listing to be lost in a sea of options.

We will keep an eye on things as the Directory grows. Our aim is to offer choices for all services. Our readers are all very different and have different needs – offering a range of choices allows them to review and pick the best fit. This Directory isn’t an exclusive place with only one slot per business type. If you’re looking for more exclusive coverage, we can help with that too though, so please read on…

If my listing will be competing with other listings in my industry, how can I help my business stand out?

There are lots of ways to stand out. We have this PDF of tips to help you optimise your listing, so have a read of that.

You can also work with us to create additional sponsored content on in the form of Q&A interviews, guest posts or client case studies. This provides valuable context to your Directory listing and allows us to focus entirely on your services and your brand. Together we can create as much content as you wish – from single articles through to campaigns that run through the year, giving us plenty of opportunities for continued marketing and to keep you fresh in people’s minds.

You will always have competitors. We believe the best way to stand out is to share your story, your mission and what you believe in. When you do this, you will attract the right customers.

How will a listing in the Directory help my Search Engine Optimisation?

The Move to Australia Directory is a sub-domain of SmartStepstoAustralia which has been established for over nine years. The Directory has the Domain Authority of this parent site (not that of a brand new site). Our Domain Authority may be higher than that of your website.

While any sponsored content published on SmartStepstoAustralia will have links marked as ‘sponsored’ to identify them for Google, your Directory listing will provide you with valuable do-follow links which provide optimum link value to your website from an authority site in your industry. You can add links to the ‘website’ field and also within your profile content, so you can utilise this to drive traffic to your most important pages and offers.

You can use SEO keywords in your Directory listing to help people find it more easily. It’s worth creating a longer listing (rather than a short and sweet listing) so you can include your most important keywords in the copy.

We focus on SEO to drive organic traffic already, so let us do the work to raise the profile of our website and drive traffic to your Directory listings.

Can we partner for an affiliate or referral relationship?

While we’ve previously worked with a range of affiliate partners in the past, we’re focused on growing the Move to Australia Directory as a paid experience.

How long does it take to create a listing?

It can be as quick as you like! We suggest you create something short just to get started, then come back and refine your listing once it has been approved (this can take up to 48 hours from submission).

We recommend putting time in your calendar to come back and update your listing regularly so you can refresh the published date. This helps your listing appear fresh, and it pushes it to the top of the listings.

I’m based outside Australia. How can I pay?

There are options to pay via Stripe or Paypal, so you don’t need to have an Australian bank account to sign up.

I’m not very techy – can you help me?

Of course! We are more than happy to help edit listings at our end or to move your content around for you or whatever you need. Just reach out and ask.

Do you have any more questions?

Reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to answer them, or jump on a call with you at a convenient time.