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Move to Australia Directory

Calling all migration and relocation businesses who want to be discovered by more of your ideal clients!

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Get found by your ideal customers…

Build authentic trust…

Deliver an outstanding service…


Our aim is to connect the best migration and relocation services with families who are following their dreams.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • You know there are plenty of your ideal clients out there, but they struggle to find you.
  • You invest in expensive print advertising which helps in the short term but interest quickly disappears.
  • The last few years have hurt your business but you survived and you’re excited to focus on growth.
  • You have a website & socials but you want to connect more deeply with the people you know you can help.
  • You want prospects to REMEMBER you so they come back when the time is right.
  • You have a steady stream of inquiries, but you’re looking for a way to demonstrate your credibility so you can transform them into clients.
  • Your vision and mission for your business are about helping more people to follow their dreams (not just about making more money).

How do you share your story with the people that matter?

The Marketing Rule of 7s says that people need to hear your brand name SEVEN times before they’re ready to take action.

Is your name out there enough for people to see it that many times? More importantly, is it out there in places beyond your own socials and website?

In today’s digital world with all of our distractions, potential customers need to hear about you even more and really get to know you before they’re likely to hit the buy button. Not only that, but they want to see you mentioned in multiple places – not only on your own website – so they know you’re credible.

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Are you ready to build relevant, authentic connections?

What if you could find a place where your ideal customers hung out?

What if this was a place they trusted and, by association, you being there would elevate their trust in you?

What if they could get to know you, your values and your mission and then take action to buy from you when they’re ready (rather than seeing a short, forgettable, uncompelling sales ad that just lists your services and doesn’t inspire action)?

What if you could get your brand in front of more people who need what you offer without more effort? 

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Introducing the Move to Australia Directory!

I created the Move to Australia Directory to connect amazing relocation and migration services just like yours with customers who need your expertise.

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Hi, I’m Karen Bleakley, Founder of SmartStepstoAustralia

I love helping busy families follow their dream of moving to Australia by simplifying the process, removing the overwhelm and providing a supportive community so they can enjoy the journey and create a life they love.

I love helping brands build meaningful connections with my audience of soon-to-be expats (and expats now living in Australia) who are moving their lives across the world.

Welcome to the Move to Australia Directory!

I’m so excited to introduce you to the Move to Australia Directory! I want to help my readers choose the services they need to move to Australia with more ease, and help brands like yours reach the people you’re here to help. 

I would love for you to be part of it if it feels aligned with your values.

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What is the Move to Australia Directory?

I’m passionate about helping my readers and Facebook group members enjoy a smooth and easy relocation to Australia. A huge part of this is helping them connect with trustworthy services just like yours.

Up until now, I’ve chosen to partner with a few handpicked brands via my resources page or through sponsored blog posts, but now I’m ready to open the doors wider and introduce some new connections to my audience.

I remember how challenging it felt when we made the move to Australia. I had no idea how or where to find reliable migration services such as migration agents, shippers, pet movers, money transfer companies…

It all felt very overwhelming. Moving to Australia was our big dream and it felt like a lot of pressure to choose the best migration services, especially as we were often relying on Google searches rather than personal recommendations. Then we arrived in Australia and found it just as challenging knowing which brands to trust for things like health insurance, life insurance, writing our Wills and all the things.

This was a big reason why I created my website and Facebook group. I wanted to create a safe and trusted community for those on the same journey so they would feel less alone as they followed their big dreams and I wanted to make the whole experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

The Move to Australia Directory connects people who are making a huge, life-changing move with businesses that can help with all aspects of their relocation and resettlement.

I want the people who need your help to find you.

This Directory is a collaborative – not a competitive – experience. I want it to feel like a helpful space filled with opportunities. When we work together, we elevate one another. We’re all in the same industry, so it’s time to come together with the common goal of helping as many people follow their dreams as possible.

More reasons to advertise in the Move to Australia Directory…

Just in case you aren’t convinced this opportunity is for you, here are some more benefits of joining this inclusive, supportive migration community…

Tap into our audience and benefit from the trust we’ve built with our readers over 8+ years. Come and be part of our Move to Australia Facebook community and be part of the conversations.

The Move to Australia Directory is free for readers to access all year round (your ad won’t end up in the bin!)

Be promoted on our social media and via email to our audience. We are here to help elevate your brand!

Opportunities for Directory advertisers to work with us to create value-added sponsored content (Q&A posts, articles to showcase your expertise, customer case studies…)

Improve your website’s SEO by receiving an industry backlink to your business.

Host our badge on your site to enhance trust.

Promote our content about you to your audience (or run ads to it) – it reinforces your reputation as a well-connected leader in your field and showcases your business beyond your own website.

All of this with a low annual subscription fee. You have complete control over your listing and you can update and refresh your listing as often as you like, in line with your business requirements.

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We’re here to increase your visibility

To streamline the recommendation process, businesses featured in the Move to Australia Directory will be the ones we recommend to our audience. Only businesses in the Directory will be eligible to join our vibrant, supportive Facebook community and share links in there.

It’s about giving you the spotlight you deserve and elevating your profile with the people who need what you offer.

Got questions? Visit our FAQ page here

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“Go Walkabout has been successfully working with Karen and Smart Steps to Australia since 2016. We have covered a number of Smart Step readers with the insurance needed when emigrating. The feedback from the clients has been positive and we have been able to remove some of the stresses and strains when emigrating.

We have provided a video interview with Karen that helps clients understand why specialist one-way insurance is required and this is one of the ways we’ve been able to convey our value to potential clients along with articles on SmartStepstoAustralia and a listing on the website’s Resources page. .”

Mark Brunger, Director

Go Walkabout

“Karen’s website creates a lot of value for people who decide to relocate to Australia, which is why we started this partnership in 2019, and it is still, to this day, a great match!

Karen has been helping us promote our services by offering high-quality content leading to regular conversion to our business. “

Izabela Szymanek, Affiliates & Advertising


“Here’s what I know about Karen, she’s committed to getting great results for those who work with her. You won’t find a more generous and kinder collaborator in achieving your migration, business success or lifestyle goals.

Karen is what I call a balcony person, someone who consistently works towards elevating others so they can flourish, pursue their goals and become better people.

She’s the kind of person I love collaborating with. And she has a ready smile, lovely sense of humour and all-round positive vibe that makes the journey with her a fun and joyous one.”

Wendy Alexander, Career Mastery Coach 

Happy Career Hub

“When I was six years old, my family migrated to Australia, and I bet my parents would have felt a whole lot more prepared for that journey had Karen been there to guide them with her thoughtfully curated content!

I am lucky enough to know Karen well, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who puts more heart and soul into their content and supporting people to chase their dreams. The thoughtfulness Karen puts into the stories she shares and the brands she partners with speaks to how much she values her role in paving the way for others to make the move to Australia and live a life they love.”

Erica Webb, Founder

Self Kind Hub

Would you like to learn how to maximise your listing in the Move to Australia Directory? I’ve created a free PDF of tips!